DG Services have policies and procedures governing how we conduct the following:

  • Alternative Dispute resolution (ADR)
  • Building and installation Standards
  • Customer Satisfaction and Complaint
  • Equality & Diversity
  • Environmental
  • Health & Safety
  • Personnel
  • Privacy or Data Protection
  • Sales, installation, & after sales

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Where the Customer raises a complaint against the Company and agreement can't be reached informally, both parties can utilise the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) procedure operated by Which Trusted Traders.

Building and Installation Standards

Before, during, and after, our installation/building process, DG Services are committed to observing applicable building and installation standards. We use DGS full time employees and where necessary, approved contractors for trade specific work, all working to a code of behaviour, and industry best practice.

Customer Satisfaction & Complaints

We monitor Customer satisfaction for every job we carry out and where a Customer expresses dissatisfaction we follow up to determine the cause. As required by our governing body FENSA, we have a Customer Complaints Procedure for Customers who may wish to raise a formal complaint against any part of their involvement with us. Customers can access this by contacting the office where it will be dealt with efficiently and fairly.

Equality & Diversity

As an employer, DG Services are committed to equality & diversity. We aim to provide:-

  • Equality of opportunity to all our employees and will not tolerate discrimination on grounds of gender, gender identity, marital status,
  • Sexual orientation, race, colour, nationality, religion, age, disability, HIV positivity, or any other grounds.
  • Treating our customers, colleagues and partners fairly and with respect
  • Promoting an environment free from discrimination, bullying and harassment, and tackling behaviour which breaches this providing support and encouragement to staff
  • Building in legislative requirements and best practice to all our service delivery and employee policies and procedures, and supporting these with appropriate training and guidance


Although DG Services impact on environmental matters is considered minimal, we are committed to

  • Suppling and installing energy saving products and processes
  • Recycling waste product where appropriate
  • Conserving resources by ensuring that buildings and fittings are properly maintained

Health & Safety

DG Services are committed to observe all relevant HSE requirements. We observe a duty of care to our Customers, employees, Contractors, and anyone who may come into contact with our installation. Although there are a number of H & S procedures in place to cover our installation and other requirements, we engage the services of a third-party expert advisor where site specifics demand.


We have a comprehensive range of personnel related procedures dealing with all aspects of HR matters.

Privacy or Data Protection

This website does not automatically collect any information from visitors, nor does it attempt to store data (‘cookies’) on your computer. Any information you provide in relation to enquiries, mailing list requests or purchases will only be used to enable us to respond effectively to your requirements, and advise you of future developments that may interest you. We do not sell, lease, share or distribute your details outside of our company; your details will not be passed to any other person or organisation. The only exception is where we are required by law to hand over your details and only when so ordered to do so by a court of law.

Sales, Installation and after sales

Our Commitment to You Our Customer! When you choose DG services for your home improvement work you can expect us to:

  • Quote you an all-in price with no hidden extras
  • Arrange a mutually convenient installation date with you
  • If requested, arrange for you to see previous similar work
  • Supply quality products from reliable and reputable suppliers
  • Installation by trained tradesmen to industry best practice standards
  • Ensure our products and installations comply with regulatory standards
  • Communicate with you throughout the installation
  • Carry out the work in a safe and professional manner
  • Remove debris resulting from the installation
  • On completion, carry out an inspection with you to ensure satisfaction
  • Respond in a courteous and timely manner to any subsequent queries

Privacy Policy

Privacy Statement for Customers

1.0 Why are we giving you this information?
A new General Data Protection law became effective in May 2018, and determines the manner in which companies manage Customer information.

2.0 What is a Privacy Statement?
A privacy Statement explains what information we hold about you, a potential Customer, or already a Customer, of DG Services, how we process it, how we protect it, and how long we retain it.

3.0 What Information do we hold about you?
Personal data includes title, name, address, phone and email (if applicable) details. This data will be used to process correspondence & documentation in relation to your enquiry and any subsequent order.
If you confirm you want to proceed as quoted, the following documents will be raised:-

  • Confirmed Sales Contract
  • Purchasing documents
  • Planning documents
  • Customer Quality questionnaire
  • Compliance and registration documents
  • Warranty documents

4.0 Who do we share your information with?
By agreeing to our quotation you are also consenting to your personal data being shared with third parties for the purposes of:-

  1. carrying out a dimensional survey of your property to enable manufacturing
  2. processing manufacturing of doors, frames, and glazing
  3. processing installation work by DGS operators and trade specific contractors
  4. registering your installation to fulfil warranty requirements
  5. fulfilling the requirements of the Competent Person Scheme for self-certification under the Building Regulations.

You will also be requested to complete a ‘quality of service’ review by our endorsementbody ‘Which Trusted Traders’ that asks for your personal details. This is entirely voluntary.

Because we encourage and value Customer feedback, we also request that you complete our own in-house quality questionnaire. This information is used to evaluate our performance.

Only your name and contract number appear on this sheet and again it is purely voluntary. We do not share your information with third parties for the use of cold calling, marketing, or sales purposes. We do not post your information on any social media sites.

Occasionally, we may wish to use a photograph of your completed installation for inclusion on the DG Services website or advertising media, but any identifying features will be removed, and we will also seek separate, explicit, written, consent from you before doing this.

5.0 How long do we keep your information?

In essence, we only keep your information as long as we need to for processing your order and to service any subsequent warranty claims, so retention periods are 11 years from installation date.

If you choose not to accept our quotation, we will delete your details from our system within 6 months of your enquiry.

Hard copy documents and records will be shredded by a registered, secure, shredding Company on completion of retention period.

6.0 How do we protect your data?

Paper files are kept in locked metal filing cabinets.
Computer files are password protected.

7.0 What are your rights and our responsibilities?
Your privacy is important to us so you have the right to expect we shall not use your information for purposes other than stated.