These are now a well-established, but more cost-effective way of adding extra space to your property than a traditional bricks and mortar extension. It used to be the case that they could only be used in the summer months, but now with modern heating and thermally efficient roofs, and can be used all year round.

Building Regulations usually do not apply if your conservatory is:

  • separated from your home by external doors
  • under 30sq.m in floor area
  • single storey at ground floor level
  • glazed in compliance with building regulations
  • not within 1m of a boundary
  • fitted with a roof that is at least 75% glazed and walls that are 50% glazed


It is difficult to advise whether Planning consent is required or not. We always advise to discuss your project with the local Planning Authority to be on the safe side.

Conservatories come in various shapes – Edwardian, Victorian, P-shaped, and Lean-To, or any combination as required, and are available in differing styles, designs, and colours to blend sympathetically with your property.

We can offer you advice and further information on request.


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