Building work & extensions

Considering having building work carried out? Selecting a builder can be a worrying exercise, but if you prepare properly there shouldn’t be a problem. Things to think about:

  • itemise a clear and detailed description of exactly what you want done
  • have your plans drawn up by a competent person
  • discuss your plans with both Planning and Building Control departments of your Local Authority
    • when selecting a builder look for membership of a recognised Trade Competency scheme
    • make sure they have correct and current liability insurance. Ask to see it.
    • beware of anyone who says they can start ‘on Monday’
    • beware of prices that seem too attractive – if it looks too good to be true, it usually is
    • make sure you get a written quote, not an estimate. A quote is a fixed price, so you'll know what you’re getting and how much it will cost. An estimate is just a rough guess, so you could end up paying more.

A quote should include:

  • a fixed total price - not a daily rate
  • breakdown of all the work to be done and the materials needed
  • how long the price is valid for
  • does the price include VAT
  • how and when the contractors will remove rubbish and clear up
  • who pays for delivery and collection of any skips
  • ask about starting date, and approximately how long to complete
  • ask about terms & conditions
  • beware of anyone who asks for large amounts of money up front
  • do they look ‘professional?’
  • beware of those with mobile phone contact only
  • ask if you can see previous work carried out by them
  • if you decide you want extra work doing, treat it as a variation to contract and obtain a separate quote

DG Services can offer you

  • advice and quotations, which are free of charge and no obligations
  • to have your plans drawn up professionally
  • liaison with Local Authority for both Planning and Building Control
  • a detailed quotation and anticipated starting dates
  • a mutually acceptable stage payment system if required
  • company employees with CSCS card, identification and DBS clearance
  • approved trade specific sub-contractors; plumber, electrician, etc
  • to arrange visit to see previous work


Some legal stuff……

The photos show internal, finished views of typical building work we have previously carried out to illustrate what can be achieved with the new space created. There is no intention of misleading customers into thinking we have carried out all the work illustrated in the photographs.

Kitchens and Furnishings may have been supplied by others. We offer the photos as a guide only to show what can be achieved with your ideas, and our ability to create the space that transforms those ideas into reality.

These notes are intended for customer information only, and DGservices accept no responsibility for the accuracy of the information.


Image is DGservices job #5493


Image is DGservices job #5411


Image is DGservices job #5055


Image is DGservices job #5517


More images of work that we have done. Click any of the small images for a larger view.

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